Short answer:

No, but they can make your chimney safer.

Long answer:

By following the directions, Chimney Sweeping Logs are designed to release a non-corrosive chemical that changes the composition of your creosote.  This makes it less flammable and easier to clean.  Oftentimes it will loosen up creosote enough so that some soot falls from your flue.  This does not mean that your flue is now clean.  There still could be much more soot stuck inside your flue.  Either way, the soot will need to be removed from your fireplace or appliance.

Creosote build-up can be tar-like and tacky.  This is usually due to wood quality, improper use, and or design flaws of the fireplace or appliance.  The standard way of cleaning cannot be used to remove this type of creosote.  It must be removed with mechanical chains or aided with a chemical catalyst such as a Chimney Cleaning Log before traditionally swept.

Sometimes flues with heavy creosote deposits or flue offsets will become blocked after the use of a Chimney Sweeping Log.  This is due to the expansion of the creosote in your flue which can cause draft issues and back puffing into your home.  If some of the soft soot falls, this is what could cause blockages.  In any case, you are recommended by the Chimney Sweeping Log company to have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional.

It is still a good product that can help reduce the dangers of chimney fires.  We recommend you read and follow the directions carefully before using.  Never use these products in Pellet or Gas appliances.  To help get the best cleaning possible, use the Chimney Cleaning Log 14 days before we service your chimney.

Remember that the Chimney Sweeping Log only helps the symptom, not the problem.  If you are experiencing a high level of creosote build-up it may have to do with your burning practices.  For example, the difference between types of wood and their moisture content.  Also learn the physics of your chimney.  When burning properly there should only be a fine soot left behind which is easily swept.  

Saratoga Chimney Sweep is here to be a helpful resource for all your chimney and dryer vent questions.  Call us or ask us any questions on your next appointment.